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Evergage logs messages to the browser's console to help troubleshoot behavior, but we try to keep that to a minimum so as to not pollute the log.  If you wish to change the what is logged, you'll want to add the following line to the Javascript Beacon:

_aaq.push(['setLoggingLevel', 'PARAMETER']);

The different parameters you can use are:

  • NONE 
  • ERROR - this is the default
  • WARN
  • INFO

As you may have noticed, the different parameters are the message types you can log in the console.  The above list is a hierarchy, meaning when you pick the logging level, we'll log those message types and anything above it.  For example, if you set the parameter to "WARN" we'll show you warnings and error messages.  

If you set it to Info, then you'll get info, warning, and error messages, and so on.  

A Quick Note on the Debug Parameter

DEBUG is the level where we will be writing an entry for every event sent.  In most browsers, this will log an object that you can expand to see all of the parameters (fields) that will get sent with the event.  Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:

This is a very useful tool when doing an initial integration, or when troubleshooting problems about how your events are sending (or not sending if that's the problem).  

As you usually only need to use the debug mode temporarily, rather than change the logging level in the Javascript Beacon (which can take time to update and push to production) we've added a feature where you can use a URL parameter to override the logging level.  So now you can add this parameter to your URL:


So if your URL is:

you could navigate to:

If your page already had URL parameters, use the & character instead to add this parameter, ex:

This will override any logging level settings you might have set via the Evergage javascript (the _aaq.push call), and the setting will persist until you close the browser (via a cookie)!  So you can set this once for a page, and any other page on the same base domain will now have that Evergage logging level set for the duration of the browser being open.

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