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Evergage recently added new enhancements to the Campaign Reporting screen, making your data easier to understand and adding helpful tools such as the Confidence Score to easily see which campaigns are performing well.



Here is a diagram of the new campaign reporting screen:



Stats reports

  • Goal Completion Rate
    • How many users completed the goal / cumulative unique impressed users
  • Goal Completions
    • Number of users who completed the goal as outlined by the goal segment
  • Impressions
    • The number of times users have seen the campaign
  • Unique Visitors
    • The number of users first impressed anytime after the start period
  • Dismissals
    • The number of times users have dismissed the campaign (if applicable)
  • Dismissal Rate
    • Cumulative number of dismissals / cumulative impressions
  • Clickthroughs
    • How many times a user clicked on a link inside the message
  • Clickthrough Rate %
    • The cumulative clickthroughs / cumulative unique impressed users


If the Evergage catalog is enabled you will also see:

  • Revenue
    • Cumulative revenue of impressed users
  • Revenue per User
    • The cumulative revenue / cumulative unique impressed users
  • Average Order Value
    • The cumulative revenue / Total number of orders
  • Conversion Rate (Orders)
    • The number of cumulative orders / cumulative unique impressed users


Evergage Catalog

For more information on the Evergage catalog, please contact your Customer Success representative or click Contact Support above

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