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CategoryDemand Generation VerticalFinancial, Insurance
TopicLeverage customer intent to ensure they receive information tailored to their interests ID #213


Ensuring customers receive information tailored to their interests is an important factor for maximizing conversion rates and improving customer satisfaction. When signing up for a credit card or completing an application for a home loan, for instance, today’s consumers expect financial institutions to deliver experiences similar to what they’ve grown accustomed to from many retail websites (e.g. where the content and experience adjusts based on what they’re interested in). With Evergage’s real-time analytics and unlimited segmentations you can leverage customer intent and deliver a uniquely relevant experience while someone is interacting with your website (or when they happen to return)!



A visitor to your homepage searches for a mortgage. Using Evergage, you can harness this insight so when the customer returns to your homepage (or another page) – in that session or a future session – you can deliver relevant mortgage information throughout the customer’s journey on your site.

When the visitor first lands on your homepage, he will see a generic or universal version of your homepage.

Assuming the visitor has expressed interest in a mortgage – by conducting a search or by browsing related content – when he returns to the homepage (during his current session or a future session), display a message about your low mortgage rates.


Build a segment to look for prospects interested in mortgages. Overall interest (aka intent), can be based on a number of visits to the product page, duration of the visit and other variables.


The measure of success for this campaign will be how many people click the mortgage rate message and submit an application.



For this campaign, we want to insert some product page content into the homepage. This content will be served on the homepage based on the settings and segment details detailed above.  

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