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You can clone a campaign so you can reuse all or part of it in another campaign. For example, if you have created a message with a style you want to use, but need to change the details, you can clone the campaign and make text changes without having to recreate the message from scratch.

  1. Log into the Evergage platform OR open any page of your website, click the Evergage logo  to the right of the address bar in Chrome, and click the Visual Editor slider to enable it

    If you do not see the Evergage logo, you need to install the Evergage Visual Editor
  2. Click CAMPAIGNS and select the campaign you want to clone 
  3. Click  
  4. Your duplicate campaign will open 
  5. Change the name as needed 
  6. Add, remove, or change elements and/or rules as needed 
  7. Click SAVE to save changes


In the Evergage Platform and the Visual Editor, the process for cloning a campaign only works within the same dataset. If you need to clone a campaign across datasets, please click CONTACT SUPPORT above or reach out to your Customer Success representative for further assistance.

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