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Although there are many different content publishing sites, they typically fall into three categories:

Content to Drive Demand Generation

The goal with these sites, like blog sites, is to get people engaged with your articles and content, then drive them to your product site as a potential sales opportunity. Your content needs to present challenges your prospects may identify with and how you uniquely help solve them then provide a clear path towards your sales team.

Educational and News Content to Drive Ad Revenue

The goal of news or educational content sites is to drive readership to generate ad revenue. When you understand what content is interesting to viewers based on category or keyword, you can serve up additional content that will resonate with them, driving them deeper into the site.

Support Site Content to Reduce Costs

Creating a self-service model for customer support within your product or knowledge base reduces the overall support costs of calls or online chat. Since a customer reaching out for support is likely frustrated, personalizing the interaction based on product set or app location creates a much more effective and efficient experience for the customer. They find what they need quickly and without much effort and the need for further assistance is reduced. Additionally, presenting knowledge base links based on the content typed into the chat session increases the speed at which chat agents can provide information to customers.

Evergage can be used to meet all of these goals by making it easier for your visitors to complete their journey on your site. Your site may fall into more than one of the categories listed above, but you can use playbooks from each one to drive to your goals.


How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize your demand generation campaigns and increase conversion rates.


Content to Drive Demand Generation

Educational and News Content to Drive Ad Revenue

Support Site Content to Reduce Costs

Journey stagePlaybook Number/Name

Logged in to application for the first time

*220 - Onboarding new customers

Using product features or a multi-time user

104 - Ongoing Customer Surveys

*223 - Offer Support

164 - Call-out New Product Features

* Playbook example is from another area, but can easily be applied to Content Publishing.