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In addition to products and content, the Evergage Catalog also houses promotions which can be used in web and email campaigns. Combining promotions with the machine learning provided by the Contextual Bandit ensures that your site visitors and email recipients see the promotion most likely to persuade them to take immediate action. 

Evergage does all the work for you behind the scenes and delivers your promotions as soon as visitors view the campaign or recipients open the email. You don't need separate campaigns with separate copy and separate segments; all you need is one campaign for each web and email strategy to create maximally relevant experiences for every recipient. In addition, you can view detailed statistics on every promotion, so you know what's working and can adjust what isn't.


Please speak with your Customer Success Representative for assistance in configuring Contextual Bandit.

This Article Explains

This article details how to create and use promotions, as well as the settings you need to adjust to get the best results from the Contextual Bandit.

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Create a New Promotion

Before you can use promotions in campaigns or adjust settings for the Contextual Bandit, you need to create it in the catalog.

  1. Log into Evergage with Campaign Editor or higher permissions
  2. Select CATALOG
  3. Select Promotions

Add Promotion Details

  1. Enter the Name for the promotion. This will appear in Evergage as the named label for this Promotion Item
  2. Enter the URL for the promotion. This is the landing page for users who click your promotion
  3. Add an optional Description
  4. If you are using Contextual Bandit, configure Promoted Item Settings as detailed in Configure Attribution Mode below. This will attribute user interaction with the promotion to another item in your catalog

Add Media to a Promotion

You can add more than one media file to a promotion. For example, you could create different media files for mobile devices and desktop computers. Then you can assign each to an experience and use experience-level rules to control who sees which one. Or you could create different media files for different emails containing the same promotion. When you create the email campaign, you'll have the opportunity to select the media file that goes with each experience.

  1. In the Media section, drag and drop files within the dotted line or click Select files... to choose them on your computer
  2. Add additional files as needed
  3. Click SAVE to save the promotion


Configure Attribution Mode

If you are using Contextual Bandit, you should add promotion goals so that Evergage can properly identify when a promotion has lead to a successful conversion. Choose Item in this section if your promotion goal is to increase conversions of a particular item type. Choose Goal in this section if your promotion goal is to encourage visitors to join a particular goal segment. For example, if your promotion goal is to increase the number of shoppers who qualify for free shipping because they spent a specific dollar amount, you could create a goal segment called "Qualify for Free Shipping" and set the Attribution Mode to Goal and then select the goal segment you created.

  1. Edit the promotion you created
  2. Select Item or Goal
  3. If you select Item:
    1. Determine which item type the promotion is associated with so the Contextual Bandit will recognize when any purchased or downloads should be attributed to the success of the promotion
    2. Select the Promoted Item Type 
    3. Enter the Promoted Item associated with the Promoted Item Type. For example, if you select Category as the Promoted Item Type, you might enter Home & Decor as the Promoted Item
  4. If you select Goal:
    1. Determine the goal of the promotion. For example, if the promotion is designed to motivate shoppers to favorite an item, and a visitor favorites an item after seeing the promotion, this visitor achieved the goal of the promotion
    2. Select a Goal Segment from your list of configured segments. If a visitor achieves the goal of the promotion, he or she would be added to the goal segment


      The goal segments defined for promotions may or may not be created from the same segments as other filters and goals you have created in your site.

    3. If you don't want visitors who have achieved the goal to see the promotion, select Do not recommend to users in the goal segment 
    4. Set the Synthetic Conversion Value based on the expected value for the promotion per conversion. This value will be added to the weighting of the promotion by the algorithm
    5. Select one or more Exclusion Segments of visitors to exclude from the promotion, as needed
    6. Click NEW ATTRIBUTE and select one or more attributes to limit promotions to those visitors or recipients with the selected attributes

Edit an Existing Promotion

You can change an existing promotion to add content zones, adjust attributes, promoted item settings, or add additional media files.

If you plan to use Contextual Bandit to serve promotions, you must remove any expiration dates and add content zones to any promotions you will use with the Contextual Bandit.

  1. Log into Evergage with Campaign Editor or higher permissions
  2. Select Catalog >  Promotions
  3. Select the promotion you need to update
  4. Click EDIT 
  5. On the Details tab:
    1. Attributes - change the name, image location, or description
    2. Valid Time Range - you can add an expiration date for Static promotions only. You cannot add a Content Zone for promotions with an expiration date
    3. Attribution Mode - see Configure Attribution Mode  for more information
    4. Exclusion Segments - enter one or more segments. If a visitor or recipient is part of any of the select segments, s/he will not see the promotion
    5. Attribute Matching - you can limit promotions to only those visitors or recipients with the selected attributes. Recipients must match at least one attribute value for each attribute to see the promotion
  6. On the Media tab:
    1. Add files - drag and drop files on the screen or click UPLOAD MEDIA to choose them on your computer
    2. View files - click VIEW to view a larger version of the image 
    3. Remove files - click DELETE under the file to be removed
    4. Select or create a content zone - begin typing in the field to search for existing content zones. Press [Enter] to create a new content zone from the typed selection

      You must remove any Valid Time Range dates before you can assign content zones

View Statistics on Promotions

Promotion statistics show the number of views and clickthroughs along with the image count. The chart to the right shows a graph of activity for the selected time period

  1. Log into Evergage with Campaign Editor or higher permissions
  2. Select Catalog > Promotions
  3. Select a promotion and statistics are displayed in the Activity section at the right
  4. Hover over the graph to see details on Views and Clickthroughs for the time period chosen in the date selector at the top
  5. Change the time period to view additional data

Upload a Promotion with a CSV File

Promotions may be uploaded to Evergage using the process outlined in the CSV Items Import article. Please contact Evergage Support with any questions.