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In Evergage, you can create Segments based on any third party integrations you have set up with the Evergage platform (e.g. SalesForce, Magento, AdWords). Since third party integrations are registered as campaigns in the Evergage platform, the process for creating segments is the same as with any other campaign-based segment.

  1. Log into the Evergage platform
  2. Select Users > User Segments
  3. Click NEW SEGMENT
  4. Enter a Segment Name
  5. Click Campaigns from the drop down menu
  6. Select the Rule, either
    1. Campaign Stat Count–visitor has clicked the campaign at some point in time
    2. Campaign Recency–visitor has clicked the campaign during a specific time period (i.e. in the past 5 days)
  7. In Select a campaign, search for and choose the third party product, MarketoBlast in this example


    Campaigns for Third Party products are sorted under their respectively named folders.
  8. Select any experience or specific experience and select the experience
  9. Enter the number of times (Stat Count) or days (Recency). In this example, Campaign Stat Count was selected, so number of times is required
  10. Click NEW RULE to add additional rules, if needed
  11. Click NEW GROUP to add additional groups, if needed
  12. Enter an email address in Email Reporting to receive a daily update including a current membership link, number of users added and/or removed, and list of users added and/or removed
  13. Click SAVE



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