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With  Evergage for Email  Open-time Email Campaigns, you can deliver more personalized emails to customers and prospects. Personalized content and product recommendations are delivered once an email is opened by the recipient. The solution is designed to work with any email or marketing automation provider.

This Article Explains

This article details the process for creating an item template for product recommendations and creating the HTML code you can use in your email campaign. You can follow a similar process to insert personalized content (e.g., images, blog posts, eBooks etc.) into email campaigns.

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Create an Item Template

Before you can create an open-time email campaign, you need to design a template that controls how content and product recommendations display in your email campaigns. It is helpful to be familiar with HTML so you can ensure the item template matches your company’s branding.

  1. Log into the Evergage platform

  2. In the Channels & Campaigns section of the left navigation, select Email > Open Time Item Templates

  3. You will see a list of previously created Item Templates
  5. Enter the Name for the Item Template (e.g., Email Recommendations)
  6. Select the Item Type (options dependent on what has been defined for the dataset)
  7. Enter the Dimensions (width and height in pixels)

    You are defining the block for a single image or item – not a row or grid of items. When building a campaign, you will have an opportunity to add additional rows (as sections) and items.
  8. Select Insert > {Dynamic} > Promoted Item to add additional dynamic values (ID, Name, Description, URL, Image URL, Price, Price Description, List Price, Inventory Count)
  9. Adjust the HTML around the dynamic fields to change how the content will render in your email campaign(s). This is where it’s helpful to be familiar with HTML.
  10. Click Save to preview the Item Template
  11. When you’re comfortable with the look and feel of the template, click Publish

    The publishing process will create a new image for every product in your catalog, which could take some time to complete.



Create the HTML Code for Your Email Campaign

In this step, the objective is to generate HTML code that can be inserted into an open-time email campaign to deliver personalized experiences. It’s here that you can determine how many images to render and which recommendation strategy to apply to the campaign. 

  1. In the Channels & Campaigns section of the left navigation, select Email > Open Time Campaigns 
  2. Select Email from the New Campaign dropdown
  3. Enter the Campaign Name
  4. Enter the content block Name
  5. Select Display Block Title if you want to add a title to the content block
    1. Add a Title which will display at the top of the content block
    2. Add Title CSS to style the title
  6. Select an Item Template (e.g., Email Recommendations) and then configure:
    1. Block Size: the height and width of the block, in pixels
    2. Number of Items: the number of items to include in the section
    3. Block CSS: the CSS around all the items
    4. Item Wrapper CSS: the CSS for the template wrapper
  7. Select Recipe as the Promotion Type
  8. Select a Recipe. The list will include any recipes you have already created
  9. Click Save
  10. Add additional customizations as needed:
    1. Click Add another block to choose another Item Template and a different recommendation strategy
    2. Add different experiences to target different audiences with the same campaign details

      For more information on both of these capabilities, please contact your customer success representative
  11. Select Publish & Generate HTML
  12. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your email campaign