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There are five key stages in the lifecycle of a customer. Each one plays an important part in the ongoing success of the customer, and more importantly, the ongoing success of your business. If you can manage each of the four stages correctly, you will reduce churn and increase revenue from your customers.

  • Prospect--use data about prospect interaction with products and categories on your site to shape their first experience as a customer and validate their buying decision
  • On-Boarding--provide customers with an on-boarding experience tailored to their goals and needs by driving them towards elements that will make them most successful
  • Educate and Support--make customers aware of any new features or product enhancements and provide support when and where they need it in your application
  • Up Sell and Cross Sell--find potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunties based on customer behavior in your application 
  • Churn Reduction--manage renewal opportunities and isolate any customers who are showing signs of potential attrition

Evergage can help you make each of the stages more impactful based on the actions or inactions of the customer and improve your revenue stream. Using Evergage to track and monitor customer activity across your product gives you insight into where they are in the lifecycle. You can get ahead of potential issues and deliver a personalized experience tailored to each customer's needs every time they are using your product.


How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize the experience for your customers and reduce churn

Lifecycle StageQualification CriteriaStrategyPlaybook ID/Name
ProspectAnonymous userVariousSee Demand Generation playbooks page for more information


Newly logged in customerCreate excellent first-time experience
EducationNew and existing customersIncrease product usage and feature awareness
Cross-sell and Up-sellExisting customers using the product

Drive revenue and customer satisfaction

SupportCustomers looking for additional guidance

Provide the right information at the right time

Reduce overall support costs
Churn ReductionCustomers in renewal cycleIdentify potential churn indicators and take action



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