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A key goal of marketers is to convert website visitors into customers. That can be a big stretch for a first-time site visitor, but there are a number of ways you can nurture potential customers when they visit your website to take them one step closer to the ultimate goal:

  • Collect email addresses for follow-up communications
  • Offers of informative or interesting downloadable content
  • Promotion of webinars or conferences
  • Free trial offers

When it comes to personalizing your website to increase the conversion rate at each step along the path, it is easier to think of the Prospect or Customer Journey and the Demand Generation funnel. There are four key stages in the funnel (Top, Middle, Bottom and Customer). Once you determine the qualification criteria for each stage of the funnel and what you want customers to do to advance to the next stage, you can layer in real-time personalization that makes it easier for website visitors to continue the journey.

How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize your demand generation campaigns and increase conversion rates.