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The Evergage REST API provides access to read and update data at several levels. This API can be used to create and update users and accounts within Evergage. It can also receive behavioral data from offline systems, as well as historical transaction data. Finally, catalog data, such as products and content can be upserted.

Authorizing the REST API

The Evergage REST API utilizes API tokens to authorize all data changes. To create an API token, visit Security -> API Tokens and click Create Token. Once created, the API token will be available for use with your API calls. To use the API token, add a parameter named "_at" to the request with the value of the token.


Types of Evergage APIs

Evergage includes batch and single item calls for all types of data and can receive JSON and CSV formatted content for most types of data. Batch formatted data is always sent via the HTTP POST method and must be accompanied by an API Token, which can be used by adding the "_at" parameter to URL of the API.


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