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Evergage Guardian constantly monitors your site against many metrics. Understanding what is being measured is critical to understanding the information Guardian is constantly monitoring on your site or in your app. 

This Article Explains

This article includes a comprehensive list of Guardian metric types along with descriptions of what is being measured.

Sections in this Article

Overall Site Metrics

  • Events - Total of all events feeding into your Evergage dataset
  • BeaconErrors (Integration Errors) - Total errors being fired from the Evergage beacon. This could include site-wide JS errors and beacon integration errors
  • PageLoadTime - average page load time for all users to your site
  • DomLoadTime - average dom load time for all users to your site


  • VisitCount - total visits for all users to your site
  • VisitPageDepth - average number of pages viewed by users on your site
  • VisitDuration - Average visit duration of users on your site

Impressions and Clickthroughs

  • Impressions - total campaign impressions across all campaigns on your site
  • Clickthroughs - total campaign clickthroughs across all campaigns on your site
  • ClickthroughRate - rate of clickthroughs compared to total impressions
  • Dismissals - total campaign dismissals across all campaigns on your site
  • DismissalRate - rate of dismissals compared to total impressions

Goals and Segments

  • SegmentMemberCount - total number of members in specific segment
  • GoalCompletions - total goal completions for all users to your site
  • GoalCompletionRate - rate of goal completions compared to total visit count

Revenue Related Metrics

  • Orders - total orders placed by users on your site
  • AverageOrderValue - average value of all orders placed on your site
  • Revenue - total value of all orders placed on your site
  • RevenuePerUser - average revenue per individual user on your site
  • ConversionRate - the rate at which each user converts by placing an order on your site

Catalog Metrics

  • ViewItem - Total Item views on your site
  • ViewItemDetail - Total Item detail views on your site
  • ViewCategory - Total category views on your site
  • AddToCart - Total cart adds on your site
  • Login - Total logins occurring on your site
  • OutOfStockRate - Rate of Item Views that were on Out of Stock products
  • CartAddsPerView - Rate of cart adds to item views
  • PurchasesPerCartAdd - rate of purchases to cart adds