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If your company uses Marketo’s marketing automation platform (MAP), you’ve likely invested considerable time and effort in managing lead data and audience segments. The next step is to integrate Marketo and Evergage so you can leverage data collected in each system and build richer customer and prospect profiles to gain a deeper understanding of each lead. Using data from Marketo helps you to deliver more meaningful visitor experiences using Evergage and passing behavioral and analytics data from Evergage helps you better target your Marketo campaigns.

This Article Explains

This article details how to configure the Evergage out-of-the-box integration with Marketo, which allows a bidirectional sync of Evergage user attributes and Marketo lead fields, as well as a bidirectional membership sync of Evergage segments and Marketo static lists.

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Setup Authentication

The first step is to set up an OAuth connection to your Marketo account.

  1. Log into Marketo and complete the process to set up an API connection


    You will need to know the new OAuth Client ID, Client Secret, OAuth Identity Endpoint (URL), and REST API Endpoint (URL) for the following steps
  2. Create a new custom field in Marketo with an API name of "evg_Id" and type string (this is required for Evergage to correctly match users)
  3. Log into Evergage as an administrator
  4. Select CHANNELS & CAMPAIGNS > Third Party > Integration Setup
  5. Select Marketo
  6. Click
  7. In Configure Connection, enter the the following information (located in Marketo in LaunchPoint and Web Services) in the fields provided:
    1. Client ID
    2. Client Secret
    3. OAuth Identity Endpoint (URL)
    4. REST API Endpoint (URL)
  8. Click AUTHORIZE


Configure Match Fields

On the Marketo Integration Synchronization tab, Contact Match Fields connects fields in Evergage with fields in Marketo for user identification. By default, the email address fields in Evergage and Marketo are linked. If you need to link additional fields, please contact Evergage Support or your Customer Success representative.

Configure Segment Synchronization

On the Marketo Integration Segments tab, you can synchronize Evergage segments to and from Marketo static lists, however Evergage does not support synchronization to or from Marketo smart lists. You must create any Evergage segments or Marketo lists before you can push to or pull from Marketo.

  1. Click Push a New Segment or Pull a New Segment
  2. Select the Source Evergage Segment
  3. Select the Target Marketo Segment (called Lists in Marketo)
  4. Click OK



Configure Field Synchronization

On the Marketo Integration Fields tab, you can select which attribute fields should be pulled from or pushed to Marketo. Fields being pushed to Marketo must be created in Marketo before they can be configured on the Fields tab. The destination field name and label are also configurable.

  1. Click Push a New Attribute or Pull a New Attribute
  2. Select the Source Evergage Field
  3. Select the Marketo Custom Field
  4. Click OK

Configure Campaign Detection

On the Marketo Integration Campaigns tab, you can configure third party campaign landing URLs to track different information about a campaign. When a matching URL is clicked for the first time, a campaign is created and will appear in Evergage CAMPAIGNS. Any subsequent clicks will register impressions for the campaign.

  1. Click Add Parameter Mapping
  2. Set the Parameter Type
    1. Landing Page URL Query Parameter
    2. Referral URL Query Parameter
  3. Enter the Parameter Name
  4. Set the Target Type (optional)
    1. Campaign ID
    2. Campaign Name
    3. Campaign Source
    4. Campaign Medium
    5. Campaign Attribute
    6. Campaign Experience ID
    7. User Attribute
  5. Enter the Target Field Name (optional)
  6. Click OK





Enable or Disable Synchronization

The integration will synchronize nightly, but you can disable automatic synchronization or perform a manual synchronization at any time.


If you would like to reduce the number of daily API calls, please refer to Restrict Lead Matching to a Marketo List which details the option to limit synchronization to a specific Marketo list.

  1. Select Setup 
  2. Select Disabled to disable Nightly Sync
  3. Click SYNCHRONIZE NOW to immediately begin the synchronization. This will not disrupt nightly synchronization, if enabled


If the synchronization does not work as expected, please contact your Evergage Customer Success representative.