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Visitors can be driven to your site in a number of ways and often they can land directly on an article page. Once they are there you want them to stay, but if they scan the article it may not be what they thought they were going to see so they’ll be inclined to leave.

To help prevent this, you can present other content based on the keywords of the article they originally landed on. If they are more interested in the broader category than the initial article, then you may be able to keep them on your site. 

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TopicPrevent visitors from leaving your site by presenting other content that might be of interestID #216
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A visitor clicked on a web link or search result and landed on the “4 Ways to Increase Newsletter Subscriptions” blog post on the Evergage site. You can further engage this visitor by promoting a related article on the right-hand side of the page.


Within Evergage Promote, you can segment on “items.” This allows you to create a segment of people who have viewed two articles today, and therefore they have met the goal of going deeper into the site.


By setting a control group in the message, Evergage will calculate the lift the message is generating over a group of people who are held out of seeing messages.

We also need to assign a goal to the message and, in this case, our measure of success is to get people to join the segment “viewed two articles today.” We will now be able to report on the number of people who saw the message and also viewed a second article versus those who did not see the message, but viewed a second article. This will show us the impact of the message.



Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Evergage to create this play on your own site:

  1. Create a new campaign with an inline message
  2. In the message rules, select ‘hide message target while page is loading’. You will need flicker defender enabled to use this feature and your beacon will need to be synchronous and in the head of the page.

  3. Within the campaign or message settings, use a segment to only show the campaign when the customer has viewed 2 or more articles

  4. Choose the ‘dynamic’ section within the wysiwyg section and add the variables you want to show

  5. You need to configure the promoted content rules to determine what content is shown ‘message settings > promoted content > dynamic’ and then set up your variables