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TopicRemind shoppers of an unused incentive to increase conversionsID #203


It’s common for shoppers to leave your site without entering the checkout process. Re-engage them by reminding them of an offer they haven’t used.  Furthermore, recognizing how crucial it is for retailers to acquire email addresses, combining the offer with an email capture creates an incentive for the shopper to provide their email address while also increasing the chances of them converting.


Using Evergage, you can go beyond simply asking users to sign up on their first visit to your website. Instead, you can observe how a user is interacting with your site and devise messages that are triggered based on in-session specific behaviors (e.g. a user about to exit your site).



Create a segment of visitors who have not purchased and not provided an email address.


The success of this campaign will be measured in the number of email submissions received from the message, as well as measuring conversions driven by the offer.



This beginner-level campaign strategy can be leveraged to re-engage a visitor who is about to leave your site without purchasing in this session: 

  • Campaign Type: Popup

  • Location: Site-wide

  • Segment: Visitors who have not purchased and not provided an email address



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