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To reduce the number of API calls that are made during a sync, you can restrict the leads that Evergage attempts to match to a Marketo List. The first part of this article is a high level overview of the steps you need to take in Marketo to accomplish this and provide links to Marketo documentation to support the steps. The second part of the article includes the specific process steps you need to take in Evergage.

Marketo High-Level Process

  1. Log into Marketo as a Marketing or Standard User or an Admin
  2. Create a List (this list will contain the leads Evergage will try to match)
  3. Create a Smart Campaign to populate a Smart List
  4. On the Smart List tab, set the Email Address attribute filter to is not empty
  5. On the Flow tab, click Add to List then select the List you created in step 2
  6. On the Schedule tab, set Schedule Recurrence to be once per day (i.e. 7 PM)
  7. Click Run Once to verify that the list will populate


Evergage Process

  1. Log into Evergage as an administrator
  2. In Channels & Campaigns, select Third Party
  3. Select Marketo 


    Once configured, selecting a third party product from the Third Party menu will bring you to the campaign list screen displaying all campaigns of that type 

  4. On the Setup tab, in the Settings section, select the list you created from the Restrict sync to Marketo list drop-down
  5. Click Save

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