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As an e-commerce marketer in the retail industry, you need to respond to each and every shopper based on his or her unique preferences and intent so you can drive conversions, grow average order value, and encourage repeat purchases. Leveraging Evergage's personalization capabilities you can:

  • Gauge shopper interest & intent–recognize anonymous shoppers and existing customers immediately and cater to them based on their current and past activities
  • Respond in the moment–present individual shoppers with messages, offers, products, and content based on their lifecycle state, interests, and affinities in real time
  • Connect across channels–track behavior and deliver personalized experiences across your website, logged-in environment, emails, and mobile app, and continue the conversation the moment a visitor arrives from any marketing channel
  • Optimize for conversions–conduct A/B, rule-based, or multivariate tests and quickly iterate to optimize results; test recommendation strategies against one another; reduce cart abandonment


How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize the experience for your shoppers and increase conversion rates

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