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TopicUse the answers to a one-question survey to trigger personalized experiencesID #225


To improve engagement, obtain real-time feedback or promote relevant content, simply ask visitors a single-question survey. Based on how he or she responds, you can then use that insight to trigger personalized experiences.



Behavioral tracking reveals that a prospective customer on your website is interested in a specific product offering. In the example below, the owner of a small construction company has been on a website exploring financing options for a new truck. With Evergage you know this in real time, so, present a question and based on how the visitor responds, direct him or her to content deeper down your conversion funnel.


Target everyone who visits the specific financing page(s) but who has not previously answered the survey question.



The measure of success for this campaign would be based on how many people who saw the message ended up clicking through to learn more about different financial options. You can create a segment of users who A. viewed that campaign and B. clicked through to more content and then add it to a global goal.



A popup window is effective for this particular survey question. 

However, the message should be configured to only be displayed on specific pages or those most relevant to the survey question.



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