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Though marketers would prefer it not to be the case, it’s human nature for prospective customers to take the time to evaluate a product before signing up or completing a purchase. The good news is that understanding visitor intent is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can be used to shorten conversion timelines. With Evergage, you can leverage a visitor’s intent to promote product offerings he or she was most engaged with – either in a current or previous session.


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A prospective customer visits your site for the third time in the past two weeks. During his previous visits, he spent time comparing several different funds. Based on this history, you can promote the funds he was most engaged with – and likely most interested in – on the homepage.



This campaign would target prospects and customers who have recently looked at specific fund asset classes and/or categories.



The success of the campaign would be measured by the number of prospects or customers who ultimately viewed a fund and made an investment.



The “Recently viewed” message on the homepage will automatically present the funds a prospect most recently viewed – prioritized by overall engagement level. This capability requires Evergage SmartHistory.