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Once you have installed and integrated with the Facebook Custom Audience Sync gear, you can set up a nightly feed to synchronize Evergage segments to Facebook Custom Audiences, so you can target these segments of visitors with Facebook ad campaigns. For example, you could create a Facebook ad that targets shoppers who spend more than $100 on sneakers. The list of shoppers comes from Evergage, but the ad is generated in Facebook. 

The nightly job provides Evergage segment membership changes (delta) since the previous run. Users who have joined the Evergage segment will be added to the corresponding Facebook custom audience and those who have left the segment will be removed.

This Article Explains

This article details the process for configuring a nightly or one time segment export to Facebook. 

Before you begin, you will need to install the Facebook Custom Audience Sync gear in your Evergage dataset. For further assistance with Gears, please contact Evergage Support.
  1. Log into Evergage with Editor with Export or higher permissions
  2. In the Audiences section of the left navigation bar select User Segments > User Segments

  3. From the Segments list screen, select the user segment you wish to synchronize to Facebook
  4. Double click or, in the lower panel, select Edit
  5. On the Setup tab, select Syncs > Sync to Other Systems, and select Facebook from the dropdown
  6. Enter the audienceId for the Facebook Audience List (available in Facebook Business from the Audience List screen)
  7. From the Segment Sync Setup modal, select Enable
  8. Click SAVE