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CategoryDemand GenerationVerticalFinancial, Insurance
TopicIncrease conversions by delivering targeted offers and messages highlighting the value of products of interest to each visitorID #153


For businesses and consumers, bundling products and services makes a lot of sense as businesses can generate additional revenue and consumers save money. When visitors engage with specific website content regarding different products or services, deliver personalized messages highlighting the value of purchasing multiple products as well as any related offers.



An individual visits your website looking for information about insurance policies for his car, home and boat. Using Evergage, you can segment the customer and create a targeted personalized message explaining the advantages having multiple policies and direct him or her to an online sales representative.



Build a segment with the following parameters. Visitor...

  • Looked at two or more insurance products
  • Spent at least five minutes on your website
  • Did not look for agent or quote



The objective is to measure the number of times users clicked on ‘find an agent’ or ‘requested a quote.’ We also suggest running a control to determine what happens when people do not see the bundle message.


Create an inline message and associate it with the appropriate segment (e.g. looked a two products in the past five days) as described above.


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