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Site visitor behavior tracking in Evergage encompasses both anonymous and logged in user statuses and environments. So you can personalize to prospects then continue the conversation, knowing everything you learned in the prospect journey, which will enhance the experience upon conversion to a customer. 

This section looks at use cases for both the nurturing and conversion of prospects, as well as how to use real-time personalization to maintain and enhance your customer partnerships.

The key areas of focus are:

  1. Visitor engagement
  2. Lead conversion
  3. Trial conversion
  4. Customer on-boarding
  5. Education and support
  6. Up-sell and cross-sell
  7. Churn reduction


How to use these articles

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize the experience for your site visitors and application users, decrease churn, and increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue


Funnel StageQualification CriteriaStrategyPlaybook ID/Name

First time on site

B2B Detect

120 - Target visitor based on industry or company name 


201 - Target visitors who are within a few miles of a trade show

Third Party Integration

230 - Continue the conversation from an email campaign

222 - Continue the conversation from Google ad campaign

159 - Continue the conversation from LinkedIn

Second Chance

199 - Present an eBook offer as visitor leaves after having shown interest 

179 - Prevent bounce by promoting relevant articles


Visitor is engaging with content

Visitor has returned to the site

Sign up for email

216 - Sign up for email at the right time

More great blog content

116 - Suggest additional relevant blogs

163 - Promote an eBook relevant to individual user

Favorite product / category

217 - Deliver content based on known visitor preferences

157 - Promote articles based on relevance

170 - Insert relevant educational videos

Webinar sign up

101 - Webinar sign-up


Downloading content

Requesting a demonstration

Signed up for Free Trial

Request a demo / appointment

218 - Offer a demo at the right time, when appropriate

Present relevant content

157 - Promote articles based on relevance    

Successful on-boarding

104 - Ongoing customer surveying    


223 - In trial - offer additional support


Logged in

Cross-sell / Up-sell

105 - Up-sell customers based on application engagement



Lifecycle StageQualification CriteriaStrategyPlaybook ID/Name
On-BoardingNewly logged in customerCreate excellent first-time experience

220 - Free trial – customer on-boarding

238 - Introduce helpful tips to drive customer success

EducationNew and existing customersIncrease product usage and feature awareness

166 - Display maintenance/outage message

155 - Communicate new product launch

164 - Call-out new product Features

167 - Collect Net Promote Score (NPS) feedback (monitor, engage, learn)  

104 - Add survey and show relevant content to answers

Cross-sell and Up-sellExisting customers using the productDrive revenue and customer satisfaction

221 - Free trial – present a relevant offer

105 - Up-sell customers based on application engagement
230 - In-app message customers who have been sent an email offer (with the same offer)
SupportCustomers looking for additional guidance

Provide the right information at the right time

Reduce overall support costs

223 - In trial – offer additional support

165 - Reduce support calls

Churn ReductionCustomers in renewal cycleIdentify potential churn indicators and take action

227 - Churn reduction – remove access to features