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You should always test your campaigns before you publish them to ensure they display the way you intended.  Evergage provides an easy way to safely test campaigns within your actual site.  This article will show you how to enable the testing state for a campaign and explain the three ways you can view a campaign in testing mode.

Enabling Testing State for a Campaign

Once you have created a campaign and are ready to test it, change the state of the campaign from Disabled to Testing.  A campaign's state can be changed from within the campaign editor or from the campaign list page. In both places, there is a dropdown menu for changing the campaign state that looks like this:



The color pink indicates campaigns that are in the "Testing" state.

Campaign Editor Example


Campaign List Page Example


Viewing a Testing Campaign on Your Site

Once you have flipped a campaign to the Testing state, there are several ways to view it within your site:

  • Method 1: Eye icon on campaign list page
  • Method 2: Visual Editor "TEST" mode
  • Method 3: "evergageTestMessages=true" URL parameter 




Method 3 requires the integration code for the right dataset to be on the page, while Method 1 and Method 2 do not

Method 1: Eye icon on campaign list page

Go the campaign list page and select the campaign you wish to test. Details about the campaign are shown in the detail pane on the right side of the page. Notice the eye icon next to each experience name in the Experiences section of the detail pane. Click this icon to open a new browser tab pointing at your site showing the corresponding experience from the test campaign.



For the eye icon to work, you must first configure your site's URL in SETTINGS > Integration > Visual Editor





This method of testing will show the experience in this browser for 30 minutes even when it would not be shown outside of test mode.  For example, it will show even if:

  • The campaign is disabled
  • The user's segment membership does not match the campaign rules
  • The current page does not match the campaign rules
  • The user is in the control group for an A/B test
  • The user has dismissed the campaign


There may be cases where the experience (or part of it) will not be shown for the 30 minute duration such as when an experience replaces something that is not on the page

Method 2: Visual Editor "TEST" mode

Confirm that you have installed the Evergage Chrome Visual Editor (VE) Extension by looking for the Evergage logo in your toolbar:

Open your site, then click the Visual Editor icon and slide the Visual Editor toggle to the right. The VE may prompt you to log in using your Evergage credentials. Once you login, select the correct dataset. Toggle the "TEST VIEW" slider from "OFF" to "ON", and all campaigns that are in the Testing state will be shown:



Method 3: Add a URL parameter

When you use this method, Evergage will apply all rules set for the campaign. For example, if you have page targeting rule set up, the campaign will show up only on that page. Or, if you have a location-based rule set for California, and you are not located in California when you test the campaign, you will not see it on your site.

Navigate to a page on your site that the campaign targets.

If your URL has parameters in it like this:


Add “&evergageTestMessages=true” (without the quotes) to the end of your URL like this:


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.39.23 AM.png


If your URL looks more like this:


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.31.32 AM.png


Add “?evergageTestMessages=true” (again, without the quotes) to the end of your URL like this:


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.32.44 AM.png



This action will make ALL campaigns in the Testing state appear for 30 minutes. To turn this feature off before the 30 minutes are up, change the URL parameter string to either “&evergageTestMessages=false” or “?evergageTestMessages=false”

With this parameter added to the end of the URL string, you can view how messages will appear to visitors on your site.  You can make edits to your campaign, but after you save changes, you must refresh the page to see them.

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