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Once your engagement score is setup and synced you will be able to view your users' and accounts' engagement score throughout the app. This score is an aggregate based off of the users previous visits and decaying over time. Once the user has been inactive (hasn't visited) in for the length of the entire business cycle, their score will drop to half of what it was on their last visit. Once a user has been inactive for twice the business cycle, their engagement will drop to zero and stop affecting the overall engagement score of your account, segment, and entire dataset.

An example of this is detailed in the graph below. Let's say User A's last visit was on day 1 and he gets a 100% engagement score because he met all the relevant criteria (based on visits, actions done, KPI values and segments). If we were have a 30 day business cycle, then 30 days after this user's last visit his engagement score will be 50% (or half of what it was). Similarly, 60 days after his last visit, his engagement score will be 0 and at that point he'll be considered inactive and not contribute. User B's last visit was on day 10 and his engagement score was only 60% at the end of that day. 30 days later, on day 40 he'll have an engagement score of 30% and 30 days after that (2x the business cycle), he'll have an engagement score of 0 and stop contributing to the overall engagement score.


Note that the decay is not linear. Instead it will decay slower at the beginning and end of the time frame and sharpest near the end of one business cycle.

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