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Evergage SmartNav™ transforms the way visitors navigate your website. Since most site visitors don't start engaging with a site at the individual product or content level, you can use SmartNav to promote broader categories like brands, authors, and site sections. Leveraging each person’s current and past session behavior, interests and intent, purchase history, content consumption and other key data points, SmartNav uses machine learning algorithms to present navigation options that will resonate most with each visitor. SmartNav helps you build loyalty and improve engagement by driving visitors to the areas of your site they are most interested in, while helping them discover other areas of your site that they may have missed.


Configuration and Installation

You'll work with your Customer Success representative who will facilitate the configuration of SmartNav on your site. You'll work together to determine what areas of your site could benefit from SmartNav. For example, beyond personalizing your site's main navigation, you could also use SmartNav to promote a visitor’s preferred brands and categories within the main content area of any page on the site.


Viewing SmartNav Data

Since SmartNav is a campaign built in Evergage, you can view data around the success of using SmartNav in Campaign Statistics. You can A/B test a SmartNav campaign to see the lift versus control. 

View Campaign Statistics

  1. Log into the Evergage Platform
  2. Select CAMPAIGNS
  3. Select your campaign

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