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Evergage SmartTrends™ uses the power of social validation to increase conversions. Most consumers are overwhelmed by the product choices available to them and can find it challenging to confidently buy products online. Leverage the “wisdom of the crowd” to influence visitors on your site in real time and build confidence in products viewed by using view and purchase counters. These view and purchase counters drive both validation and urgency ultimately influencing conversions on your site. Additionally, you can apply badges to product and content images to help draw attention to an item. Badges can be used to promote hot deals, newly added items, closeout products or must-read articles.


Configuration and Installation

You'll work with your Customer Success representative who will facilitate the configuration of SmartTrends on your site. You'll work together to determine the location of the counter. For example, you can display SmartTrends anywhere an item is show, right from homepage through cart. You can also configure the threshold at which you display the counter. For example, you could choose to display the counter only on products purchased ten or more times in the past 24 hours.

Viewing SmartTrends Data

Since SmartTrends is a campaign built in Evergage, you can view data around the success of using SmartTrends in Campaign Statistics. You can A/B test a SmartTrends campaign to see the lift versus control. 

View Campaign Statistics

  1. Log into the Evergage Platform
  2. Select Web > Campaigns
  3. Select your campaign

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