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With Evergage, you can deploy a variety of survey styles to design your survey. Surveys enable you to gather explicit feedback from your visitors and customers. There are several survey types available for use in the Toolbox. Customize the options to design the survey to meet your business goals and design standards.

This Article Explains

This article details the available survey types.

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Single Input

This input type is best used for a simple answer. It allows a single line of free-form text.


Use this input type when you want participants to select more than one option.


Use this input type when you want participants to select one response from a list of multiple options.


This input type allows you to include multiple options without using a lot of visual space in the survey.


Use this input type to gather longer, free-form text responses.  


Use this input type when you want to ask participants to rate an item.


Use this input type when you want to add HTML to your survey.


This is a container element you can use to group questions together and then apply visibility rules to the entire panel. In other words, this is a quick way to determine visibility for a group of questions.

  1. Click  on the gray Panel bar

  2. Select the Visible If tab

  3. Select a question

  4. Choose relational operator, i.e. is empty, is not empty, equals, not equals, contains, etc.

  5. Enter/select the value

  6. Click Apply


Use this input type if you want to include multiple columns and rows in the survey question. Since the buttons are the radiogroup style, the survey participant can only select one column option for each row.