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Evergage captures user activity in the form of Events. These are sent by the Evergage Beacon to our servers for processing. These events can be viewed in the Event Stream on a per-user basis or for your entire user population or you can even export your Events for detailed study. Reviewing various stream views can help you analyze how a user is interacting with your dataset. 

This Article Explains

This article details the types of Evergage Events and how they can be view in the Event Stream or exported for further study.

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Types of Evergage Events

Depending on the configuration of your dataset, you may see various types of Events, including:

  • Named Page Views
  • Tracked Actions
  • Campaign Message Activity
    • Impressions
    • Click-Throughs
    • Dismissals
  • Evergage Promote Item Actions (Purchase, addToCart, etc)

View the Event Stream

The Event Stream for your dataset can be accessed from the Reports section of the Evergage platform.


The Stream View comes in two versions:

Dataset Live Stream ViewUser/Account Stream View

Key Features

  • You can select an event to see more information about the event on the right hand side.
  • The right hand pane has useful links back to other parts in the application, such as links to users, accounts and campaigns.
  • A stream event may be identified by an icon to indicate specific types of event.  These include impressions, clicks, dismissals and upsells.
  • The User/Account Stream view is just all the events that apply to that particular user or account.

Additional Dataset Live Stream Features

  • Filter:  You can quickly filter by User or Account using the filter controls at the top.
  • Live Mode: This screen will refresh every 15s.  See the top right hand corner for refresh information.

Accessing the Event Stream

Dataset Event Stream

To view all events associated with a Dataset select Reports > Event Stream section.

User / Account Event Stream

To view events associated with a User or Account you can see the Event Stream option on the User or Account overview pages.