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When you personalize your website in real time with Evergage, you reach your site goals faster. Using Evergage for Email , you can populate emails with content in real-time, extending the reach of your website and making your emails more impactful. Sending action-based emails versus time-based emails increases relevancy, so it's more likely that prospects will interact with them. This is particularly important as you are on-boarding a new client or hoping to convert someone who is in a free trial of your product. 

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A prospect comes to your site, and is engaging with your blog content. She decides she wants to learn more so she signs up for your email newsletter. She receives an email containing your latest blog articles. The email also includes a dynamic section, personalized based on whether she has watched your introductory video on the topic area she is most interested in. She clicks to learn more and is taken to your site to watch the video.

Since she completed that action, when she returns to the same email later that day, or when she opens the next weekly email, the dynamic section now shows a call to action for the next stage in the funnel: download a case study.

Showing the right content at the right time encourages her to come back to the site and moves her through to the demo more quickly.



This campaign relies on segments based on the visitor's demand generation journey stage.

  • Segment 1: visitors have a specific favorite category and have seen your introductory video
  • Segment 2: visitors who have favorited the same category, have seen the video, but not downloaded the e-book
  • Segment 3: visitors who have read the e-book but have not requested a demonstration



The measure of success of this campaign would be based on the number of video views, e-book downloads, and demo requests, versus a control group who are not seeing personalized content in the email. Global goals would be used to see the effectiveness at each stage of the journey.




This requires Evergage for Email to be enabled. Reach out to your customer success team for more details.

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