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TopicUnderstand customer intent on one channel, then promote real-time, relevant offers on another ID #193


Like most industries today, financial institutions must be able to accommodate the needs their customers across multiple channels. Using Evergage, financial services companies can gather insight about a customer’s intent on one channel and then promote relevant offers – to the same customer – on a different channel.



During the day, a customer used one of your company’s ATMs to deposit a check. Later that night, he logs into his online bank account - from his computer - to research mortgage rates. Leveraging the fact that he deposited a check via an ATM machine, you can promote your online checking deposit services next time he logs in from his computer.  Furthermore, you can inform bank tellers that the customer expressed interest in mortgages so they can present information or and offer the next time the customer visits a branch location (and conducts a deposit or withdrawal).


Completing this multichannel view of customers requires that Evergage be configured to receive information from the financial institution (in the case of a customer depositing a check via an ATM) or pass information to the financial institution (in the case of a customer researching mortgages). Please contact your Customer Success representative for more information.


This campaign requires multiple segments.

Web User (Experience 2): In looking through CRM segments, identify customers that deposit a check via an ATM machine.

Teller: Identify customers who were looking at mortgages online.



The way to measure Experience 1 is to identify customers that have historically used an ATM to deposit checks, but who have begun to use your online solutions for their deposits. Experience 2 would be measured in how many customers who researched mortgage rates online ended up applying for a mortgage at a branch location after being presented with additional information by the teller.


Create two rule-based experiences.

  • Experience 1: Promote a message - about online check depositing - to customers who deposited a check via an ATM
  • Experience 2: Notify bank tellers that the customer has been looking at mortgage rates

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