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Traditionally, if an existing customer lands on your website but does not log on, he or she will be treated as an anonymous visitor. In other words, until the customer signs into his or her account, it’s challenging to associate the information from your logged in environment to the visitor’s digital experience. Using Evergage, however, you can utilize a customer’s past activities and serve targeted messages and/or relevant promotional offers, even before the returning customer logs on to his or her account.


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TopicUtilize an anonymous customer’s past activities to serve targeted messages and/or relevant promotional offersID #150
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Using historic behavioral tracking data from a previous session(s) – when a customer was logged on to his or her account on your site – you know she previously expressed interest in electronics. Leveraging that piece of information, you can promote relevant “electronic-related” offers to the customer even before she formally identifies herself by logging into her account.


Segment looking at customers that looked at “Electronics.”



This campaign would be measured based on the number of conversions of the promoted item(s).  


Information from a customer’s logged in experiences can be embedded into the customer’s cookies or to the URL. The campaign will identify the customer’s past interests using the cookies segments and will promote a relevant offer.



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