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Since Evergage tracks the actions and activities a visitor takes on the site along with the interactions visitors have with site content, SmartHistory can present previously viewed content back to the visitor, sorted in order of viewing time. Giving visitors easy access to content that has resonated with them increases the likelihood that they will interact with it again and go deeper into the acquisition funnel.

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TopicUse SmartHistory to show site visitors content they have previously viewed or downloaded.ID #261
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In the example below, from the Evergage site, a visitor comes to the site, and navigates to the resources section. He views three document overviews, and downloads one of them.

A few days later, he wants to read one of articles again. Instead of having to search to find the downloaded article, he returns to the site, sees the SmartHistory tab, and clicks to expand it to quickly find and view the document.


There are no segments needed for this play. All data is captured through the integration of Evergage Promote and SmartHistory.


You can create a test and control group, where the control does not see SmartHistory. The expectation would be that people with access to SmartHistory engage more with content, and are driven deeper into to the acquisition funnel. This can be measured by tracking global goals for the various funnel stages.



SmartHistory is available to all customers with Evergage 1, but it needs to be configured within Evergage. Contact your Customer Success Representative for more information.