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On most e-commerce websites, shoppers frequently rely on the back button in their browser when navigating through products. Provided it can take several visits for a shopper to convert, how do you present an easy navigation to visitors and enable them to find the products they are most interested in?

With Evergage, you can offer your visitors a shopping companion that serves as a one-stop shop for accessing recently viewed, recently purchased, recommended items or other items based on your desired business rules.


CategoryIncrease Engagement, Increase Repeat Purchases, Product DiscoveryVerticalRetail, eCommerce
TopicOffer each shopper a customized list of products they’ve recently viewed or spent the most time viewingID #136
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Using Evergage, provide individuals with an expandable sidebar whereby visitors can access previously viewed products sorted by interest level - determined by each visitor’s active time spent on each product. The shopping companion also provides visitors with a list of previously purchased items, giving them quick access to the paths they’ve taken on your site. 

Consider which placement options work best on your site and devices. Collapsible windows serve as easy access to areas that don’t impact the overall design of your site.





No segments are needed as this campaign is displayed to all site visitors.


You can create a test and control group, where the control does not see SmartHistory. The expectation would be that people with access to SmartHistory engage more with your products and convert at higher rates. The campaign’s effectiveness can ultimately be measured by tracking revenue per user, conversion rate, and average order value.



This advanced-level campaign uses Evergage SmartHistory to display previously viewed and previously purchased products. The placement, style, and content of the campaign can be entirely customized to match your site branding. The call to action from this campaign - for each product - can either directly add the product to cart or redirect to the product details page. Evergage has found the shopping companion to be most effective when placed on the top right-hand side of the page. However, the location of the sidebar is configurable and can be tested in multiple locations before determining the optimal location for your site.

Please contact your Evergage Customer Success representative for assistance in setting up this campaign.

Reference Materials

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