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On-site search is an important component of your e-commerce site, so when personalizing your site to drive higher engagement and conversions, don’t forget about the search bar. One way to improve your e-commerce site search for shoppers is to personalize the experience for each visitor, making it as relevant as possible. You should aim to get shoppers to see the products that will be most interesting to them with as little effort (and as few clicks) as possible.

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Evergage’s SmartSearch provides a visual experience directly alongside the search bar, enabling visitors to view the search results most relevant to them with as few clicks as possible.

SmartSearch suggests and auto-completes search terms based on a visitor’s input into the search bar. The suggested terms and product recommended are both driven by:

  • The visitor’s true intent (based on the engagement the visitor has shown in his current session)

  • The visitor’s browsing behavior and purchases in the past

  • The behavior and preferences of people similar to that visitor (based on attributes, behaviors, location, etc.)

By instantly displaying relevant product visuals, you’re putting shoppers one click away from products — easing the discovery process.


No segments are needed for this play because it is intended for all site visitors.


By incorporating one-to-one recommendations directly in the search bar, you can help your visitors more easily find what they’re searching for. This directly impacts the site bounce rate and increases conversions for visitors who rely on site search. Using Evergage’s SmartSearch you also get access to full search term attribution reporting so you can understand which terms are most impactful in generating revenue on your site.



SmartSearch is available to all customers, but it needs to be configured within Evergage. Contact your Customer Success Representative for more information.

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