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In 2016, it is anticipated that 5.2 million checking accounts will be opened online and as many as 2.2 million will be opened using a mobile device. A major challenge banks face is the high abandonment rate of customers who open accounts online or on mobile devices. If a visitor doesn’t complete an application form during a current session, you can use Evergage to direct him to where he abandoned the form in a future session.


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TopicBookmark an application form for visitors who abandon prior to completionID #263
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A prospective customer begins filling out an online refinance application. After completing 5 of 10 steps, he unexpectedly leaves your site. A few days later, he returns and is prompted with a message asking if he’d like to continue with the application process. He accepts and is taken to the exact spot in the application where he left off a few days before.



This campaign would target:

  • Prospective customers who started a form but did not complete it

  • Present message when they return to your site



The measure of success for this campaign would be how many people ended up completing the registration/application after initially abandoning it.



Evergage captures the steps a prospective customer takes when completing an application or registration process. If a prospect does not complete the form, on their next visit, serve a message indicating they can complete the form and, if interested, take him or her to the exact spot in the form where they dropped off during their last visit.