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If you've ever built an email campaign, you know it can be a very time and resource intensive process. And that’s before you even think about optimizing a campaign’s content for each recipient. Fortunately, using Evergage for Email to add Promotions – and optionally, Recommendations – to an outgoing email campaign gives you the flexibility to customize each recipient’s experience – all by adding a few lines of HTML from Evergage.

Evergage does all the work for you behind the scenes and delivers your promotions to the email recipient as soon as they open the message. You don't need separate campaigns with separate copy and separate segments; all you need is one campaign to create maximally relevant experiences for every recipient. In addition, you can view detailed statistics on every promotion, so you know what's working and can adjust what isn't.

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This article details how to add promotions to email campaigns.

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Use Promotions in an Email Campaign

Once you have created a promotion, you can add it to an email campaign. You can use the same promotion across multiple campaigns and experiences. For example, in one campaign, you could create a different experience for tablet, phone, and desktop users. Evergage will determine what device the recipient is using to open the email and show the experience optimized for that device. As with any Evergage campaign, you can add rules to target specific segments and A/B test experiences. For additional information, please see the article on Email Campaigns.

  1. Log into Evergage with Campaign Editor or higher permissions
  2. In Channels & Campaigns, select Email then either Triggered Email Campaigns or Open Time Campaigns
  4. Click Add New Block 
  5. Change the block Name from Item Block 1 as needed
  6. Select the Item Type as Promotion
  7. Select the Promotion or click  to add a new promotion from this screen
  8. Select the Image or click  to add a new image from this screen
  9. Add Image Alt Text as needed
  10. Click Add New Block to add additional item blocks to your email campaign. You can select Item Templates available in your dataset
  11. Click  next to Experience 1 to add another experience that you can configure for different recipients of the same campaign. You can also add other experiences to A/B Test the promotion with email recipients
  12. Name the campaign and click SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE