As an e-commerce marketer in the retail industry, you know that responding to each and every shopper – based on his or her unique preferences and intent – is increasingly necessary to drive conversions, build long-term customer loyalty and remain competitive in your industry.

Here are many of the tried-and-true solutions that leading retailers leverage with Evergage to drive positive impacts across channels for their businesses:

  • Encourage discovery – recommend relevant products, categories, and brands throughout your web, email, and in-app experiences

  • Increase engagement – encourage key behaviors like writing reviews, signing up for email, and downloading apps by tailoring messages specific to where your visitors are in their journey

  • Reduce friction – recognize the key areas on your site visitors struggle with the most. Curb cart abandonment by identifying promo code errors, optimize out-of-stock PDPs, and trigger visitor reminders when prices drop!

  • Optimize channels –  personalize throughout the customer journey to create a seamless experience regardless of the channel.

The following articles offer best practices for using Evergage to optimize the experience for your site visitors and increase conversion rates

ObjectiveStrategyPlaybook ID/Name
Encourage DiscoveryDrive 1:1 search results based on user affinities137 - Increase Product Discovery with SmartSearch

Cross-sell across categories

237 - Use SmartBundle in Complete the Look Campaigns

Power homepage recommendations for all visitors

138 - Create a Personalized Homepage Experience
Power dynamic banners based on customer/non-customer, geo, products129 - Create a Personalized Homepage Banner

Prompt discovery on PDPs by showing similar items to the item being viewed

204 - Increase Product Discovery by Recommending Similar Products
Surface category & brand recommendations 2310 - Make Category and Brand Recommendations
Recommended products based on what's trending147 - Increase Product Discovery by Displaying Trending Products
Personalized recommendations on cart page239 - Use Machine Learning to Promote Items on the Cart Page
Badge products with social proof and trends278 - Social Validation with SmartTrends
Optimize out of stock pages with product recommendations238 - Use SmartBundle for Out of Stock Messaging
Enhance unavailable pages with promoted content228 - Replace Unavailable Web Pages with Promotional Content
Increase Engagement

Target and curb comparison shopping1311 - Highlight a Product Name for Comparison Shoppers
Power offers based on weather

212 - Present Offers Triggered by Weather Conditions

Help visitors access recommended and previously viewed content261 - Use SmartHistory for Content
Use social proof for confidence & urgency2316 - Use SmartTrends Badging to Call Attention to Certain Products
Power a shopping companion for your visitors
136 - Increase Engagement and Repeat Purchases with a Shopping Companion
Remind customers to take advantage of current promotions
203 - Re-Engage Shoppers by Reminding of an Offer on Exit
Support email capture across relevant pages1310 - Support Email Capture for Key Points of Interaction
Target messages based on geography195 - Promote Personalized Messages Based on Geolocation
Ask shopper for reviews143 - Ask Returning Customers for Reviews
Encourage shoppers to download your mobile app219 - Download Mobile App to Drive Engagement
Collect explicit data about visitors via a questionnaire
205 - Add Style Finder Questionnaire Leading to Personalization
Power single question surveys to collect explicit data about visitors
1710 - Serve a Quick One Question Survey
Drive educational experiences for new visitors
181 - Educate New Visitors
Offer specialized experiences or promotions for high value customers1312 - Create a Special Experience for High Value Customers
Conduct progressive profiling to engage with and learn from your customers2311 - Use SmartSurvey to Conduct Progressive Profiling on Your Customers
Create a "My Store" experience for shoppers2312 - Design a Personalized My Account Page for Customers
Personalized recommendations for blog content, or content on site236 - Recommend Content to Inspire Shoppers
Reminder of items left in cart or suggestions140 - Incentivize Your Cart Abandoners in Real Time
Engage shoppers with the newest product offerings198 - Engage Shoppers with Newest Product Offerings
Increase engagement and conversions with loyalty programs206 - Increase Engagement and Conversions with Loyalty Program
Increase engagement by displaying products(s) viewed the longest132 - Increase Engagement by Displaying Product(s) Viewed the Longest
Educate based on location182 - Educate Based on Location
Proactive promo code error messaging2315 - Reduce Coupon Code Friction Points
Vary the components of your emails based on user affinities331 - Prevent Over-messaging with Personalized SmartBatch
Reduce FrictionCreate persistent reminders to drive offers from email to shopping journey102 - Create Persistent Reminders to Drive Offers from Email to Shopping Journey
Drive offers from email to convert a browser130 - Drive Offers from Email to Convert a Browser
Drive purchases using promotional offers108 - Drive Purchases Using Promotional Offers
Swap promotions based on date-time ranges332 - Swap Promotions in Content Zones Based on Conditions
Optimize ChannelsPower personalized recommendations at open time2313 - Recommend Products and Promotions with Open-time Email
Send an email when a visitor abandons a cart containing an item2314 - Remind Cart Abandoners with Triggered Email
Send an email when a visitor leaves your site without adding to cart or purchasing2312 - Convert Browsers to Buyers with Triggered Email
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of new products in their favorite categories323 - New Arrival in Favorite Category Triggered Email
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of out-of-stock products they’ve browsed that have since been replenished324 - Trigger an Email When a Recently Viewed Item Is Back in Stock
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of products they’ve browsed that now have limited quantities available.325 - Trigger an Email When Inventory Is Low
Send real-time email messages that alert your shoppers of recently viewed products with price reductions 326 - Trigger an Email When a Favorite Product Has a Price Reduction
Use SmartBatch emails to send messages that leverage advanced machine learning for both audience targeting as well as product and content personalization327 - Dynamic Audience Targeting and Personalized Recommendations in One Automated Email