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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

UTM codes help you track links to see where traffic is coming from. While you can rely on Interaction Studio for analytics and full campaign performance reporting, if you are already using a third party tracking tool for UTM parameters, you can continue to monitor click-though traffic with your Open-Time Email campaigns in your favorite UTM tracking system. For more information about how you can combine third party tracking data with data from Interaction Studio, please speak with your Salesforce account representative.

This Article Explains

This article details how to use UTM tracking parameters with Open-Time Email. For more information on Open-Time Email, please see the articles in the  Email Campaigns section including  Create an Open-Time Email Campaign.

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Adding UTM parameters to Open-Time Email involves appending the parameter to links in the Open-Time Email HTML:

  1. Review commented sample Open-Time Email HTML code, below
  2. Append UTM parameters to the URL for each product entry
  3. Use your existing email system to send the message to recipients
  4. Track click-throughs in your UTM tracking system

Sample Open-Time Email HTML

To see sample Open-Time Email HTML for adding third party tracking parameters, please refer to the developer documentation article Add Third Party Tracking Parameters to Open-Time Email Campaigns.