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Interaction Studio Classic Only

This use case is for customers using Interaction Studio Classic (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.

Knowing who has been on your site and what they have done means we have the ability to message visitors in different ways, including specifically talking to people who haven’t completed a desired action. If you have something that you want to communicate to everyone and see whether or not they have completed an action, it can be easily achieved with an Interaction Studio campaign.

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To highlight a new product offering, you have added a new infobar message – with a Learn More link – to the top of your site.

A visitor sees the message but instead of clicking it, she proceeds to your About Us page. As she lands on that page – and any subsequent pages – she sees an inline message with more details about the new product. After the visitor has learned more about your company and reviewed some of your webinars, she decides to check out the new product and clicks the link in the message.


A segment would be used to determine who is excluded from seeing the second message. This would also serve as the goal for the message.


The key goal of this message would be to get the user to go to the product page. Create a number of “global goals” for this campaign to assess the overall impact of the message. Goals would include: downloaded an ebook, signed up for email updates, requested a demo, signed up for a free trial. Include a control group on the message so you can test the impact of presenting more relevant content to the visitor as they land on the site and drive them to your content.



Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Interaction Studio to create this play on your own site:

  1. Create a segment to identify who has been to your new product page
  2. Create two experiences within the same campaign.
    1. Experience 1: Infobar, displayed to all visitors on the landing page one time regardless of visit count
    2. Experience 2: Inline message, displayed to visitors who have not been to the new product page, but are on other pages in your site

Reference Materials

The following articles from the Interaction Studio Knowledge Base will provide process steps to help you execute this play: