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Interaction Studio gives account administrators control over which version of the Beacon JavaScript is used for a given dataset. Additionally, there is an option to disable the beacon if you need to quickly remove the Interaction Studio integration from a production environment.

This Article Explains

This article details the beacon versions available, how to change the selected version, and some important notes to be aware of.

Sections in this Article

  1. Log into Interaction Studio as an administrator
  2. Select Web > Beacon Version
  3. Select the Beacon Version:
    1. Disabled completely disables the beacon integration for the selected dataset so all messaging and event traffic will stop


      Selecting Disabled replaces the existing JavaScript beacon with an empty JavaScript resource. All event receipt, analytics, and messaging will stop immediately and will propagate in minutes as viewers' browser caches expire. Selecting another JavaScript Beacon version will reactivate the integration.

    2. Stable is the default version of the beacon and is updated conservatively and with prior notice
    3. Latest provides early access to new features and is updated frequently and usually without notice
    4. Specific Version gives you the option to select the specific numeric version of the beacon if you require maximum predictability
  4. Select the Beacon Type
    1. Default - use the beacon type specified in the page URL
    2. Override - always send one of the following two beacons:
      1. Full - includes jQuery library
      2. Small - loads slightly faster, but requires jQuery on the site since it is not already included
  5. Click SAVE to save changes

Important Notes

  • Each beacon version may be updated for security and bug fixes
  • Old versions may be deprecated in the future, and eventually removed with prior notice
  • As soon as you save your new selection, changes are immediate and will propagate in minutes as viewers' browser caches expire. For this reason, it is recommended that Beacon version changes should be tested in a separate environment with its own Interaction Studio dataset.