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The image below is a typical online news article. It has a headline, a large eye-catching photo high up on the page, followed by the news story itself. Trailing it, you can see a commentary area where readers can voice their opinion on the story and/or its topic.

You can also see colored content recommendation placeholder boxes throughout the article. These are areas where you could potentially place content recommendation widgets.

Interaction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

This Article Explains

This article will review the areas and discuss how and when to use recommendations in each one.

Sections in this Article

Distraction and redirection area

At the top of the news article one finds the distraction and redirection area. This is an area one normally should avoid as it often distracts the readers and stops them from reading the article itself or seeing any ads lower down on the page. However, there are types of readers one purposely wants to distract to redirect them to other content. An example of this is visitors from Facebook that otherwise often would just bounce back. In this case the recommendations should then also be tailored to the group in question and not appear at all for any other type of visitors.

Bored readers area

To the right about halfway down the article, is the point at which disinterested readers start losing focus and should be distracted. Since they lost interest, this would be a good place to recommend something other than another item related to the subject of the article. Instead, you could recommend something that is trending in the news right now or something that the reader has shown interest in previously.

Interested reader area

The area immediately below the article will only be seen by readers who had enough interest in the article to read it to the end. These readers will likely want to read more about the same topic. Hence, recommendations in this area should typically recommend more content related to the article subject matter.

Graveyard area

The graveyard area is where recommendations go to die. This applies to any area below the article that is not immediately following it. When you put recommendations in this, you set them up for failure. Hardly any readers will ever see what you place in this area and you are almost guaranteed a CTR close to zero.