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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

Einstein Personalization Recipes brings advanced, per-user product and content suggestions using complex algorithms and a deep understanding of user behavior. The solution offers configurable "recipes" that can be used to boost content or product discovery on your site. Recipes consist of ingredients, exclusions, and boosters, which can be constructed in a variety of combinations to serve up the right content or products based on the individual visitor's behavior and affinities on your site. These recipes are then queried against the Einstein Personalization engine and the individual query results are presented to each visitor as his or her personalized recommendations.

This Article Explains

This article will give an overview of adding recommendations by creating a recipetesting a trained recipeediting existing recipes, and deleting recipes. Refer to related articles for information on adding ingredientsexclusions, and boosters.

Sections in this Article

Create a New Recipe

Recipes are created and configured to support specific scenarios, such as cross-sells, content promotions, and trending products. Recipes can be managed in the Einstein Recipes section of Interaction Studio.

  1. Log into Interaction Studio 
  2. Select Recipes
  3. Click NEW RECIPE
  4. Enter a unique Name for your recipe
  5. Select the Recommendation Type
  6. Create your recipe by adding Add Ingredients to an Einstein Recipe, Add Exclusions to a Recipe, and Add Boosters to a Recipe
  7. Click SAVE to save your recipe

    Your recipe must have a unique name and at least one ingredient before you can save it
  8. Click Additional Options to Enable trending product fallback or Allow missing anchor for multi ingredient recipes
  9. Once the recipe is complete, click TRAIN to compile the algorithms that will power the recommendations
Live recipes that are actively in use will automatically be retrained every night. Activity is determined by how often a request for recommendations is sent using that recipe in the past week.

Testing and Publishing a Trained Recipe

Once the recipe is complete and trained, you should test it before publishing.

  1. Refer to Test an Einstein Recipe for detailed instructions on testing a recipe
  2. Make adjustments to the recipe as needed to produce the desired recommendations. Depending on your selections, you may need to click RETRAIN when finished
  3. Click PUBLISH to make the recommendations recipe available for use in campaigns

Edit an Existing Recipe

If your recipe is published, edits you make will not affect the live version until you publish again

  1. Log into Interaction Studio
  2. Select Recipes
  3. Select the recipe
  4. View details at the right:
    1. Overview - lists the recommendation type, ingredients, exclusions, and boosters
    2. Campaigns - alphabetically lists all campaigns using the selected recipe
    3. History - shows a log of changes along with who made the change
  5. Click EDIT 
  6. If the recipe is live, change the status to UNPUBLISHED
  7. Make adjustments to the recipe as needed 
  8. Click SAVE
  9. Click TRAIN to compile the changes
  10. Click PUBLISH to make the recommendations recipe available for use in campaigns

Delete a Recipe

  1. Log into Interaction Studio
  2. Select Recipes
  3. Select the recipe
  4. Confirm that your recipe is not being used by any campaigns (the example at the right shows that the recipe is being used in 6 disabled campaigns)
  6. Click OK to confirm