Set Segment Rules

  1. Select Location from the Select Category drop down
  2. Select an option from the Select Rule drop down, then complete additional options:
    1. In - Targeting visitors by zip code, city, metro area, state/region, or country.  You can target or exclude these areas from a segment, whether these items are known or not known
    2. Near - Target visitors within a certain mileage of zip code (US-only), city (international), or specific latitude-longitude (international). This option supports sub-mile distances (i.e. 0.5 miles)
    3. ISP - Target visitors by their ISP provider, exclude by provider or group if their ISP is known or unknown
    4. *Company - Target visitors by company name, including or excluding based on whether the company is known or not known
    5. *Industry - Target visitors by NAICS code, including or excluding based on whether the industry is known or not known

*Segmentation based on Company and Industry is only available if you have Evergage B2B Detect. Please click CONTACT SUPPORT for assistance.