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You can create segments of users who have completed one or more specific actions. You can easily specify users who have done an action "3 or more" times or even "less than 5" times, but how do you use this logic to specify users who have done an action a specific number of times?

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This Article Explains

This article details how to segment visitors who have visited the home page exactly two times. 

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Create Segment Based on Action

  1. Create a segment with two rules that relate to each other
  2. Add an Actions rule:
    • Action Count
    • did
    • any of specific actions 
    • Home (action being targeted)
    • at least 2 times
    • for all time
  3. Add a second Actions rule:
    • Action Count
    • did not do
    • any of specific actions 
    • Home (action being targeted)
    • at least 3 times
    • for all time
  4. Click Save

The first rule captures all visitors who have done the action "Home" two or more times and the second rule captures all visitors who have not done the action "Home" three or more times. Think of the second rule as a ceiling on the number of times we wish the action to have been completed. Since both rules must be met to join this segment, the segment will populate with all visitors who have completed the action "Home" exactly twice.

This is a simple way to capture all users who have completed a specific action exactly two times, and you can adjust the example to fit both the action and the specific number of times a visitor completes it.