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Before you can begin using Data Warehouse, you need to create a Data Warehouse user and connect your business intelligence (BI) tool (like Tableau) to Interaction Studio. Most BI tools use either a JDBC or an ODBC connection and ask for the following information:

  • Database name
  • User name
  • Password
  • Host
  • Port
  • Schemas

After you create a Data Warehouse user, you receive an email with a JDBC string, an ODBC string, and the additional information you need to make the connection. You can use that information to test the connection to verify the behavior you expect before you move forwardScratch schema is setup automatically and available to use within the Data Warehouse. 

This Article Explains

This article lists the steps to take to create a Data Warehouse user account. For developer-level technical specifications, please refer to Interaction Studio's developer documentation.

Sections in this Article

Create a Data Warehouse User Account

  1. Log into Interaction Studio as an administrator.
  2. From the main navigation menu, select Security > Manage Data Warehouse.
  3. Click Data Warehouse User.
  4. Enter or select the Data Warehouse Credentials:
    1. Label - add a label to identify the account. The label is only visible on the Manage Data Warehouse Users screen.
    2. Dataset - select the dataset that this account can access.
  5. Create a username and a password.
    1. The username must be lower case.
    2. Usernames must start with an alphabetic character or underscore character
    3. Usernames can only contain alphanumeric and any of the following characters: _ + - @ . (underscore, plus sign, dash, at sign, period)
  6. After you create the username and password, you can Download Data Warehouse Credentials.

    You can only save the username and password now. If you don't save the username and password and must access it, you have to create a different Data Warehouse user account.
  7. To view the masked password, click show. You can copy the password and the username to a secure location or add to your BI client.
  8. To download a CSV file containing the connection string, username, and password for the account, click Download CSV File
  9. After you have stored the username and password, click Close
  10. To connect to your BI tool, use the connection string listed on the Manage Data Warehouse Users screen in the Connection String field.