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You can use Interaction Studio to execute redirect web campaigns which redirect a visitor from the target page(s) of the campaign to a page of your choice. These campaigns are great ways to test different versions of a specific page, different customer paths, or different features and functionalities across a group of pages.

Interaction Studio Classic Only

Please note, the contents of this article are intended for customers using Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage Classic). Do not adjust your beacon version to downgrade or upgrade.

This Article Explains

This article details how to create a URL redirect rule for a web campaign.

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There are several required components or settings that must be in place to use a URL redirect rule.

  1. The Interaction Studio JavaScript beacon must be present on both the initial and the redirect pages
  2. The beacon must be deployed synchronously to use Interaction Studio's ZeroFlicker functionality
  3. The ZeroFlicker for redirects setting must be enabled in order to prevent the original page from loading while the Interaction Studio beacon initiates the redirect

Configure Campaign-level Target Pages URL Rule

Redirect experiences must contain a target pages URL rule regardless of whether you include experience-level rules.

  1. Create or edit a campaign
  2. Select SETUP
  4. In Campaign Wide Rules, click  in the Target Pages section

  5. Select URL

    For more information about campaign-level rules, please see Add Rules for Campaigns, Experiences, and Messages
  6. Select Contains

  7. Enter the URL in the Enter a URL fragment field

  8. Click SAVE to save your campaign

Configure Redirect Experience Type

If you'd like to add a redirect rule for each experience, you can also create target pages rules for each experience. You will need to create the campaign-wide rule first before you can specify a different URL to redirect at the experience-level.

  1. Create or edit a campaign
  2. Select SETUP
  4. Select Rule-Based as the Test Mode
  5. To include a control group, set the percentage of qualified viewers (viewers must qualify for an experience to be in the control group) in the Control field
  6. Select the desired experience
  7. Select REDIRECT
  8. Enter the URL to Redirect 


    You do not need to enter the entire URL in this field. Instead, you may enter a partial query parameter (for example, "?sortOrder=newest#test"), and have that parameter append to the end of ANY page targeted at the campaign-level.

  9. Select Redirect with query parameters from original URL if you want to maintain any query string parameters that were on the original target page URL
  10. If you have enabled the ZeroFlicker for Redirects setting, select Hide loading page before redirecting to prevent the target page from loading for the duration of the redirect flicker timeout (default is 1 second).

    For more information about experience-level rules, please see Add Rules for Campaigns, Experiences, and Messages
  11. Click SAVE to save your campaign