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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

As you are building out your data model within Interaction Studio, it is important to keep certain limits in mind to ensure optimal performance. Exceeding any limit outlined in this document is not supported.

This Article Explains

This article outlines the various catalog data model limits you should keep in mind while building out your data model.

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Catalog Objects

  • Active Items per Catalog Object Type: 2 million items per catalog object type (an active item is one that is eligible for recommendations)
    • Examples: 2 million products, 2 million brands, 2 million articles, 2 million blogs 
  • Total Items (Across all Catalog Object Types): 10 million total items
  • Custom Catalog Object Types: 25 total object types. (The 25 limit is for user created catalog object types. This 25 limit does not count the built-in catalog object types: Product, Blog, Article, Promotion, Category)
    • Examples: brand, style, tags, keywords, author, color
  • Attributes on a Catalog Object: 35 (this 35 includes the built-in attributes which differs slightly for some of the built-in catalog objects)
    • Product built-In attributes: 16 (id, name, url, description, published, expiration, rating, numRatings, imageUrl, promotable, price, listPrice, priceDescription, currency, inventoryCount, margin)
    • Blog/article built-in attributes: 10 (id, name, url, description, published, expiration, rating, numRatings, imageUrl, promotable)
    • User Created Catalog Object built-in attributes: 10 (id, name, url, description, published, expiration, rating, numRatings, imageUrl, promotable)
  • Related Catalog Object Values on a Single Item: 50
    • Examples: If your primary catalog object is a hotel that has a related catalog object of amenity, you could assign 50 amenity tags to that related catalog object. You can have more than 50 amenity values stored in Interaction Studio (up to 2 million), but only 50 of those can be stored against a single item.
  • Category vales on a single item: 15
    • Example: Category is automatically applied to certain built-in catalog objects (blog, article, and product). Each item can have up to 15 tags associated. A category tag that denotes hierarchy Mens|Clothing|Tops|Shirts would be considered one tag. 

Profile Objects

  • Unique Profile Object Types: 10 object types (disabled and enabled profile objects count towards this limit)
    • Example: Sample profile objects might include Lease, Machine Registration, Mortgage, etc.
  • Attributes on a Profile Object Type: 10 Attributes
    • Example: If your profile object is a Mortgage, you may configure attributes on it to store user specific information like start date, end date, APR, etc.
  • Related Catalog Objects On a Profile Object Type: 5 Related Catalog Objects
    • Example: If your Profile Object is a Lease, you can associate up to 5 catalog objects to the profile object. This might include things like Make, Model, Year, etc.
  • Values Per Related Catalog Object on a Profile Object: 5 Associated Values
    • Example: If your profile object is a Credit Card and you have assigned a related catalog object of "Rewards" to the profile object, you can store up to 5 associated values for that object. So you might have cash back, travel rewards, No ATM Fees, etc. as the values.
  • Profile Objects Per Type, Per User: 100 Objects
    • Example: If you have profile objects of Lease, Ownership, & Service Case configured, each user profile can have up to 100 objects of each type (up to 100 lease objects, up to 100 ownership objects, up to 100 service case objects)

Promotions and Assets

  • Active promotions: 10,000 (An active promotion is any promotion eligible to be returned in a campaign)
  • User attribute match criteria: 5 user match criteria
  • Segment inclusion: 10 segments
  • Segment exclusion: 10 segments
  • Attributes on a promotion: 35
    • Promotion built-ins: 10
  • Related Catalog Objects: 20 total objects
  • Related Catalog Object values on a single item: 50
  • Assets on a promotion: 10
  • Assets assigned to a single content zone or tag: 1000 (If you have over 1000 assets with a shared content zone or tag, a randomly selected group of 1000 will be chosen for real-time decisioning in a campaign)
    • Example: If you have a content zone or tag called "Winter Savings", you can have up to 1000 assets across ALL your promotions that share this content zone or tag. 

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