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When people visit your website, it’s important to gauge their overall intent by monitoring how they interact with your web pages and content. Presenting relevant information based on what someone is interested in can help expedite a desirable goal completion. For instance, If a visitor returns to your homepage after viewing deeper web page content, you can leverage what you’ve learned about the visitor and make his or her homepage experience more relevant, and increase visitor engagement.


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TopicShow site visitors specific content based on their identified "favorites"ID #217
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A visitor comes to your site and shows interest in your product offerings. She visits three different product pages, but is most engaged with the “Breton” product while scrolling down the page and reading product details. Understanding this, you can immediately adjust her homepage experience so when she returns to your homepage – either in the current session or a future visit – she will see the Breton product video in the hero banner. Given that she expressed interest in the Breton product, she will ideally click through to watch the video.



The “favorites” segment is created using the “items” feature in the Evergage Catalog.




The goal of this message is to get visitors to sign up for a demo. However, it’s also important to consider global goals – “signed up for email,” “attended a webinar,” or “started free trial” – to determine other outcomes that may be relevant for demand generation.




Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Evergage to create this play on your own site:

  1. This message utilizes the Evergage Catalog, and is able to determine favorite categories or products based on time spend viewing

  2. Create an inline message (replace the home page hero) that is based around those segments, and make it rule based

  3. Create a segment for each of your products or categories, using ‘items’

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