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Interaction Studio Classic Only

This use case is for customers using Interaction Studio Classic (formerly Evergage Classic) ONLY. For customers using the Interaction Studio 'Campaigns and Templates' application, refer to the Use Case Library instead.

New user adoption is an undeniable first step for long term customer success. If customers cannot see the value of your product as they begin to use it – they could have a bad initial experience that may impact their overall assessment of the product moving forward. Often when a customer leaves, it is because of a poor initial on boarding experience.

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TopicEducate customers about a new product launchID #239
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Include an initial message modal for new logged in customers that outlines key features and benefits of the product.

Incorporate a scroll mechanism so the user can quickly navigate through the top 5 features of your product as well as see a video overview of each feature – with more details on how to access and use the app. Upon clicking out of the message – to the home screen – overlay messages, with arrows, point to the key features.

Once the user has seen areas that are of interest to him and an explanation of how to set them up, he can access the sections, configure what he needs, and get on the path to success.


No segments are required as the message is shown to everyone as they first access the application. This is controlled at the campaign level.


This is a long term play, but you could measure how many people who saw the message also saw the second message, showing that they are on the right path.



Here is a checklist of what you need to do in Interaction Studio to create this play on your own site:

  1. Create a campaign with two experiences
  2. In the first experience, add a pop-up message in a modal with code to enable the rotation of the embedded videos
  3. In the second experience, add a pop-up message with arrows that point to the key features
  4. Add a campaign-level rule to show the campaign to all first time visitors
  5. Add an experience-level rule to show the second experience when the user closes the first experience

Reference Materials

The following articles from the Interaction Studio Knowledge Base will provide process steps to help you execute this play: