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New Name: Marketing Cloud Personalization

Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) is now known as Marketing Cloud Personalization. The new name reflects our mission and vision for innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We wish we could snap our fingers to update the name everywhere, but you can expect to see the previous name in various places until we replace it.

Segmentation is one of the key components to Interaction Studio. You can filter your users and accounts based on a wide range of criteria you define. Segments support deeper reporting and analytics of your website visitors. You can analyze segment data in Interaction Studio or you can export segment data as a CSV or using a  REST API .

This Article Explains

This article details how to export segment data as a CSV. 

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Export Segments

  1. Log into Interaction Studio as an administrator
  2. Select User Segments or Account Segments
  3. Double-click the segment you want to export
  4. On the Users tab, click 

  5. On the Segment Export pop-up, select options as needed:
    1. Custom Fields

      1. Select Include all custom fields to include all custom user attributes defined in the report on SETTINGS > Attributes 

      2. Select Exclude all custom fields to explicitly exclude custom fields from the report. Only built-in user attributes such as userId and segment rule conditions will be included as columns
      3. Select Include only specific custom fields to choose which custom user attributes to include in the report


        If you select this option but do not choose additional attributes, all custom attributes will be excluded from the exported CSV
    2. Built In User Fields

      1. Select Include all built in user fields to include fields such as userId, emailAddress, displayName, firstActivity, lastActivity, engagementScore, engagementPercentageChange, segmentMemberships, and totalActions

      2. Select Exclude all built in user fields to explicitly exclude all built-in fields except the userId
      3. Select Include only specific built in fields to choose which built-in user fields to include


        If you select this option but do not choose additional fields, only the userId (and accountName if your dataset has track accounts enabled) will be included in the exported CSV
    3. Exclude anonymous user from export to omit any anonymous users from your export
  6. Click Start Export